short visit in Ngeruka

A few weeks ago, we went to Ngeruka, Bugesera District to visit our bicycle cooperative consisting of approx. 30 persons. The attendees already have received a bicycle this year.

our beneficiaries ngeruka

We passed out survey questionnaires to know about conditions of their bicycles. Moreover we asked for problems existing within the cooperative such as missing parts, not to be able to pay the microcredits or need of help for maintenance.

All in all it was examined that some people demand spare parts, but are able now to have bigger income because of overcoming distances easier and therefore selling more products. As well, the overwhelming majority is now able to save a certain amount of money. By that, living standards increase as children attend the school, parents achieve health insurance or buying and raising cattle. This might be used as permanent income generating for families.

Now we are occupied with evaluating the survey forms to give an update of the project to COOP Netherlands, our partner.

SFR Meeting at Nyamata

On 26th October the SFR meeting in Nyamata, Bugesera was held . All the stakeholders attended represented the beneficiaries of our project which is in cooperation with co2balance. All attendees were informed about the conditions and requirements.

The project is ought to pass out the so called ‘energy saving stoves’ aiming on the lack of firewood remaining within the families. As our survey outlined the average wooden fuel consumption amounts 18.5 kgs per day and family. Indeed this causes extremely high dependence on wood. Moreover endures the high emission of co2. co2balance decided to adjust the stove in a way that beneficiaries can receive purified potable water.

By bringing those stoves into action more than 50 percent of daily use of firewood could be reduced.

All stages of implementation of the project have been respected; concluding this meeting is the last stage of setting in a continuous input mechanism. Now we wait for the permission to begin.

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