bicycle cooperative

Micro credit bicycle projects

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Eastern Province/ Bugesera District/ Ngeruka

  • Funded by: Cycling out of poverty
  • Started: 2008

People in the dry and hot Ngeruka region live in extreme poverty. Every 11 months we distribute bicycles to farmers in Ngeruka who organized themselves in cooperatives. The bicycles are saving transportation costs and time for bringing the crops to the market. Moreover they shorten the gathering of firewood and water and enable the beneficaries to get a job in larger area. Through the improved mobility children can often profit by getting better access to education. Eventually the saved money can improve their whole living conditions and will give them the opportunity to extend their cultivation area. During 11 months beneficiaries are ought to pay back the credit. With the gained money we start with a new group.

Northern Province/ Gakenke District/ Gatagara

  • Funded by: Cycling out of poverty
  • Starting time: 2009

Gakenke is a very fertile and hilly area, where people are able to grow a big variety of crops. There is plenty of food. Since the village is very remote, people are facing difficulties in getting their products to the nearest market. They depend on others for transportation, what reduces the profit on their products. The bicycle micro credit project helps to increase income, to become independent and to open new markets.

Southern Province/ Kamonyi District/ Mwirute

  • Funded by: Still searching for donors. 5000 Euro needed.
  • Starting time: —

Mwirute is a village in a very dense populated area (ca. 550/km²). This circumstance causes a problem: There is not enough land to feed and employ everyone. That is why many young Rwandans escape this area heading for Kigali where they hope to find jobs. Often they end up unemployed living in slums under bad conditions. To prevent this process we want to set up a micro credit bicycle project in the village to create jobs like transporting people or agricultural goods. Thus we will give them a chance to remain in their village. The development in Rwanda must be decentralized and we think that giving young people the opportunity to stay in their area contributes to this goal. For the project we prefer to select widows and orphans to give them new perspectives.


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