energy saving stoves

Energy saving stoves project

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Eastern Province/ Bugesera District/ Ngeruka

  • in collaboration with co2balance
  • starting time: August 2013
  • distribution scale: 2000 stoves p. a.

Focused on the extremely high demands for fire wood within the Rwandan population, we provide these so called ‘energy saving stoves’.

They both decrease the emission of carbon gas and improve the living conditions of beneficiaries local as they won’t spend much more money on wooden fuels. People can afford more meals per day and have healthier surrounding as the stove neither produces much smoke nor contains nearly any toxic compounds. Women spend less time for gathering wood or walking to the market so they can spend more time on family life.

Overall it means traditional cookers are less dependent on expensive fire wood. Furthermore it should decrease or at least decelerate the deforestation in Rwanda. It contributes to a more sustainable ecology.

We already completed a survey concerning the beneficiaries’ cooking facilities in Bugesera. We are in wait for permission from local sector office to start.

The project is set up in collaboration with co2balance, a co2-compensation company.

If you are interested, please contact us or visit: